July 6, 2016




The Young Entrepreneurs Group (YEG) of Confederation of Indian Textile Industry has grown substantially since its inception in March 2003. The Group, comprising young entrepreneurs in the textile industry holding management positions, has expanded from 25 members in 2004-05 to 32 members in 2015-16. More importantly, the membership has expanded beyond members from spinning and weaving segments to clothing and machinery manufacturers. This was the result of a conscious effort on the part of the members to expand the membership base, keeping in view CITI’s broad basing initiatives. Any entrepreneur less than 40 years of age and holding a management position in a textile unit is eligible to join the Group.

Activities of the Group

The Group usually meets at least 4 times a year and some expert is called in the meetings of the Group for speaking on specified subjects, which could form the subjects for discussions in the meetings.


Presentations made in YEG meeting held on 28.9.2016 in ITC Maratha, Mumbai.


yeg-presentaion (presentation of ApnaJugaad)



YEG subscription payment details

Each member has to pay an admission fee of Rs. 25,000/- and an annual subscription fee. The annual fee for each year is decided by the Group in its Committee meeting. The fee for 2015-16 is Rs. 10,000/-. Normal fee cycle starts with the financial year.


07-03-2005 Second meeting of YEG Group in 2004-05 held.
22-07-2005 Third meeting of YEG Group in 2004-05 held.
2005-06 27-09-2005 First meeting of YEG Group in 2005-06 held in Mumbai.
17-03-2006 Second meeting of YEG Group in 2005-06 held in Mumbai.
(23-24)-06-2006 YEG – Hyderabad Residential Programme. Visit to Satyam, Stanza, CII-Green Business Centre, Microsoft Development Centre, Priyadarshini Spinning Mills. Interactive Meeting with Dr. Vivekanand, President of CII’s  Andhra Pradesh Unit.
24-06-2006 Third meeting of CITI YEG for the year 2005-06 was held in Hyderabad.
(9-13)-10-2006 A twelve member delegation of CITI’s YEG visited some importa


Activities of YEG Group since its inception

F.Y. Date Description
2003-04 24-07-2003 First meeting of YEG held in Mumbai.
23-09-2003 Second meeting of YEG held in Mumbai. Mr. B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, then Chairman, ICMF addressed the group.
04-12-2003 Third meeting of YEG held in Bangalore. Mr. Jagdish Hinduja from Gokaldas Images made a presentation on the expectations of the clothing sector from the upstream segments of the textile industry.
04-03-2004 Fourth meeting of YEG held in New Delhi.  Mr. Donald Peck, Managing Director, Partner of Actis for South Asia addressed the Group on different financing options, with special emphasis on private equity.
12-07-2004 Fifth meeting of YEG Group held in Mumbai. Mr. Gulu Mirchandani, CMD of Mirc Industries (Manufacturers of ONIDA) made a presentation.
21-09-2004 Sixth Meeting of YEG held in Mumbai. Mr. Suresh Lulla, MD, Qimpro Consultants Pvt. Ltd. discussed the relevance of ‘Cost of Poor Quality’ in Management.
2004-05 07-12-2004 First meeting of YEG Group in 2004-05 held.

nt textile cities in Turkey. The five day tour covered six units comprising, some integrated weaving and processing centers, some leading garment manufacturers and textile trading companies.

2006-07 02-03-2007 The first meeting of CITI YEG for 2006-07 was held in New Delhi.  Mr. Ashwini Sharma, Asst. Vice President, Industrial Relations, Vardhman Group made a presentation on the HR Practices and the philosophy adopted by the organization for retention and training of manpower in the Vardhman Group.
03-03-2007 Seminar on Impact of PTAs & FTAs on Indian Textiles and Clothing Industry held in New Delhi.
14-05-2007 An inter-mill survey for important production parameters was conducted by CITI YEG, in association with NITRA for the third quarter of 2005-06. As a follow up to that, an interactive half day meet of the YEG members with the CEO’s of their companies was held on 14th May 2007 in New Delhi. The meeting was organized to discuss the results of the survey with a view to identify their relative inefficiencies and chalk out action plans for achieving greater production efficiencies. The meeting was also attended by officials from NITRA. 13 mills participated in the survey.
2007-08 12-10-2007 YEG AGM held in Mumbai. Mr. Salil Chaturvedi from Provogue made a presentation on ‘Integration / Collaboration of the Supply Chain for Domestic Markets’.
(22-24)-08-2008 A Two day Annual Retreat of YEG member was organized at Goa. 25 persons attended the retreat.
On 23rd August, three business sessions were organized. In the first business session on Leadership and DNA-The connect, Mr. Sandeep Chaudhary, Director, Maps n Grow Consulting, made a presentation on the leadership challenges of CEOs in the changing global business system.
In the second business session, Mr. B C Mahesh, Head projects (power division), Thermax, explained the cost effective ways of attaining power in the coming era and the plans thermax unveils in the power sector.
Mr Richakant Mishra, Head, Risk Management Solutions, Dun &Bradstreet made a presentation on ‘Partner in Progress of the Textile Industry.’
2008-09 25-09-2008 YEG AGM held in Mumbai.
16-02-2009 Members of the YEG Group met at Ahmedabad. Mr. Sanjay Lalbhai, Arvind Mills addressed the Group. Presentations by IIT & TIFAC on Roadmap for Textile Industry.
11-07-2009 YEG meeting held in Mumbai. Mr. S.V. Prasad, Head, Schroders India (Global Asset Management Company) addressed the Group.
2009-10 18th September 2009 The Annual General meeting of CITI-YEG was held in Mumbai on 18th September 2009.  In the meeting members elected the new Chairman and Vice Chairman of CITI-YEG for the year 2009-2011.  Shri Adarsh Kanoria, Chairman and Managing Director of Bengal Tea & Fabrics Ltd. as the Chairman and Shri Sridhar Varadaraj Managing Director, Premier Evolvics Pvt. Ltd. as the Vice Chairman of CITI-YEG for the year 2009-2011.
6th of November, 2009 CITI-YEG visits Birla Century, Vardhman Acrylic and Birla Cellulose The members of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI-YEG) organized a factory visit at major textile plants in Gujarat on 6th of November, 2009. The YEG team led by Shri Adarsh Kanoria, Chairman, CITI-YEG visited the new state of the art factory of Birla Century at Bharuch, Vardhaman Acrylic at Bharuch and Birla Cellulose at Kharach. Birla Century, Jhagadia, Bharuch The members had an extensive tour inside the plant and were briefed by senior officials of the factory, on the features of various units. They also visited the gas based captive power plant and the effluent treatment unit inside the factory. Located near Jhagadia in the Bharuch district of Gujarat, Birla Century is spread over 100 acres of land. The total constructed area of the mill covers about 45 acres of land utilized for landscaping. The mill has a capacity of producing around 25 million meters of high quality fine and super fine 100% cotton fabrics with employee strength of about 1,200 people. Set up with an investment of about Rs. 850 crore, Birla Century has state-of-the art machines with about 95% of them imported from countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and USA. Birla Century also has an Effluent Treatment Plant with zero discharge and a captive power plant generating energy from piped natural gas. YEG members were welcomed by senior officials of the plant. They took the delegation around the different units and explained on the innovative features of the production process. Later, Shri R.K. Dalmia, Senior President, Birla Century, hosted a reception to the YEG members at the factory guest house. Mr. U C Garg, Joint President, Birla Century and senior officials of the unit were present at the reception. Vardhman Acrylics Ltd The CITI-YEG members visited the Vardhman Acrylics Ltd. (VAL), the joint venture between Vardhman with two leading Japanese business houses namely, Japan Exlan Co. Ltd., a part of Toyobo Group of Japan and Marubeni Corp., Japan. The company has set up an 18000 TPA Acrylic Staple Fibre and Tow production plant at Jhagadia, Distt. Bharuch in the State of Gujarat, India. The world class wet spun technology for the manufacture of Acrylic fiber /Tow has been sourced from Japan Exlan Co. Ltd., Japan. It is a state of the art, highly automated production facility making it amongst the most advanced plants of it’s’ type in the world. Prior to this visit, Mr. Bhushan Lal Uppal, Senior Vice President, Vardhman Acrylics Ltd., made a brief presentation regarding the production process of the factory. Birla Cellulose and TRADC The CITI-YEG delegation also visited the Birla Cellulose Factory and the Textile Research and Application Development Centre (TRADC) at Birladham, Kharach. TRADC carries out recipe formulation for innovative fabric designs and thereafter the product and process technology know how is transferred to the textile value chain. It facilitates bulk order fructification by routinely manufacturing mid bulk fabric and yarn quantities based on customer orders. TRADC provides technical projects and training services for academics for updating and upgrading skills. The YEG delegation was received by Mr. Sunay Kamat, Executive President and unit head of Birla Cellulose. The delegation had extensive discussions with senior officials of Birla Cellulose and the TRADC on Fibre innovations like Birla Modal, Birla Excel, Flame retardant.
4th March, 2010 CITI-YEG Committee meeting and TOYOTA Factory Visit at Bidadi Plant
The Committee of CITI-YEG met in Bangalore on 4th March, 2010 and discussed the Union Budget, 2010-11 proposals and its impact on the textile and clothing industry. On 5th of March, 2010, CITI-YEG members visited Toyota factory and senior officials of the factory explained the Toyota Management practices. The members also had a tour inside the plant to see the manufacturing facilities of the auto giant. Later YEG members also visited the Toyota Kirloskar factory.
27-29 Aug 2010 YEG Annual Retreat at Goa

  • Session with Nandini Vaidyanathan on  ‘What is expected of the Business Leaders of today’. Nandini is an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics and also London School of Economics.
2010-11 20 Nov 2010 CITI YEG Meeting at New Delhi under the chairmanship of Shri Adarsh Kanoria, Chairman, CITI-YEG. Interactive Meeting with Shri Raj Jain, Managing Director, Bharti-Walmart.
17th March, 2011 CITI YEG Meeting at Mumbai
Discussion on

  • Export Restrictions of Cotton Yarn : Impact
  • Rising Prices of Cotton
  • Distortionary duties on textile and textile machinery industry
  • Impact of rising Power, Interest and Labour cost on the textile and clothing Industry
  • Forthcoming Activities of CITI-YEG
2011-12 9th September 2011 Annual General Meeting of CITI-YEG
The major items on the agenda were selection of New Chairman and Vice Chairman of CITI-YEG, followed by discussion on Industry related issues, Future activities of CITI-YEG.
2012-13 5th March 2012 CITI-YEG meeting held at Hotel Westin, Mumbai
 27th June 2012 CITI-YEG meeting held at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai
 5th Dec 2012 CITI-YEG meeting at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Mr. Jai Shroff, CEO, United Phosphorous and B.S. Nagesh, Vice Chairman, Shoppers Stop addressed the YEG meeting.
 20th Sep 2013  CITI YEG meeting at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Mr. Dileep C. Chokshi made Special Address on Inevitable re-introduction of Wealth Tax and how to plan for it in the context of family businesses.
 15th Nov 2013 Annual General Meeting of CITI YEG held at 2.30 PM at Hotel Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai. Mr. Prem Malik, Chairman, CITI made a special address at the meeting. Besides this, the major items on the agenda were selection of New Chairman and Vice Chairman of CITI-YEG, followed by discussion on Industry related issues, Future activities of CITI-YEG.
2013-14 24-26 April 2014 A delegation comprising of members of CITI YEG Group, led by Mr. Sunil Goenka, Chairman, CITI-YEG visited some of the factories in Sri Lanka during 24-26 April 2014.
23rd Sep 2014 Member of the YEG Group met at 5.00 pm on 23rd September 2014 at Hotel Westin, Mumbai to discuss the emerging textile and clothing business scenario and the global trends.