November 22, 2016



Thursday, Nov. 17 Fiber Session – Cotton
Moderator Andrew G. Macdonald, ITMF Board Member, Brazil
1 I.J. Dhuria, Vardhman, India role-of-india-in-the-global-cotton-economy
2 Keshav Kranthi, CICR, India technologies-for-a-sustainable-road-map
3 Vipin Dagaonkar, Bayer Crop Science, India breeding-efforts-towards-yield-and-fiber-quality-improvement-in-cotton
4 Mohit Shah, Gill & Co, India world-cotton-scenario



Thursday, Nov. 17 Fiber Session – Man-made Fibers
1 Steve Jenkins, PCI Wood Mackenzie, Malaysia chemical-fibers-and-raw-materials-trends-in-uncertain-times
2 R.D. Udeshi, Reliance, India polyester-chain-strategies-during-uncertain-times
3 Ajay Sardana, Aditya Birla Group, India vsf-global-demand-supply-trends-developments



Thursday, Nov. 17 Home Textiles Producers Committee Meeting
1 Jorge Martin – EUROMONITOR international home-textiles-global-drivers-of-demand-and-future-outlook
2 Shafei home-textile-standard-code-of-conduct


Friday, Nov. 18 Opening Session
1 Naishadh Parikh

Chairman, CITI, India




Friday, Nov. 18 Opening Session
1 Tiankai Wang

President, ITMF, China



Friday, Nov. 18 1st General Session: Textile Industry in India
Moderator Arvind Singhal, Technopak, India
1 Title indias-textile-apparel-industry-an-overview


Friday, Nov. 18 2nd General Session: Textile Value Chain
Moderator Jas Bedi, ITMF Vice President, Kenya
1 Mrs. Hande Diltemiz, H&M, India The Sustainability Impact in Sourcing Strategies (No PPT)
2 Giuseppe Gherzi, Gherzi Textil Organisation, Switzerland textile-and-retail-a-changing-relationship
3 Mrs. Lena Julle, IKEA, Sweden material-manufacturing-innovations-for-a-more
4 Ruizhe Sun, CNTAC, China analysis-and-outlook-of-chinas-textile-industry
5 Stephen Lamar, AAFA, USA trade-policy-after-the-u-s-elections


Saturday, Nov. 19 3rd General Session: Retail/E-Commerce
  Moderator Rafael Cervone, ITMF Board Member, Brazil
1 Jorge Martin, Euromonitor International, UK changing-distribution-preferences-in-textile
2 Darshan Mehta, Reliance Brands, India (No PPT )



Saturday, Nov. 19 4th Gen. Session: Technical Textiles & Nonwovens
Moderator Loek de Vries, Royal TenCate, Netherlands
1 Steve Huang, AiQ Smart Clothing, Chinese Taipei cutting-edge-innovation-smart-clothing
2 Gauthier Siau, Alsico, Belgium how-to-grow-asian-business-for-european-customers
3 Mohit Raina, ITA, Germany made-in-germany-make-in-india
4 Marc van Parys, University of Gent, Belgium Emerging Technologies for the Textile Factory of the Future



Saturday, Nov. 19  
  Christian P. Schindler, Director General, ITMF
1 Title the-global-textile-machinery-market-situation